Sal at the Beach

boy playing with boat on beach
I had a great time shooting at Kure Beach last Monday!

boy playing with boat on beach

This little guy was so much fun! He was all about playing with that sand. When Kirsten and I are shooting, we encourage free play and exploration. This style is especially beneficial outside of the studio because it allows a much more relaxed subject in an environment where they feel comfortable. Portraits should be much more than just an image of someone looking at the camera and smiling, they should be a reflection of the person that you are shooting.

boy laughing on beach

Of course there are rules to photography: what angles to use, where to place the subject in your image, how the lighting should shape the subject. The greatest images always push the boundaries of those rules. If you have a subject that excels at pushing the boundaries, you should push the boundaries too. I enjoy the process of traditional studio photography. I really love having the control of the studio where I can shape light around my subject and get them looking their best. I takes more than great lighting to make an incredible image. You have to be able to engage with your subject and invoke an emotional response from them, and getting images that show that side of my clients is what I love most about photography. When you display an image in your home or office, the purpose of that image is to remember that day or that moment in time. If you would like to connect with your images and create some amazing memories, you can get in touch with me here to schedule a session today.

boy chasing seagulls on beach

boy stopping the ocean

boy smiling

boy smiling with mother on beach

boy playing with sailboat at beach

boy climbing on sand dunes

Christian Farner